Thiess signs with Al Jaber Group a contract for recycled aggregate from Al Dhafra plant


Abu Dhabi, 23 May 2012 – Under the strategic agreement made by Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (ADWMC) and Thiess Services Middle East (TSME) for a period of 15 years for the construction and management of a recycling facility for processing demolition and construction wastes, Thiess Services Middle East will supply recycled aggregate from construction and demolition wastes in Al Dhafra to Al Jaber Group (AJG) so as to complete phase I of the project of the Etihad Railway Network in Abu Dhabi.

Thiess Services Middle East will supply at least 750,000 tons of recycled aggregate for the sub ballast layer in this important project. This contract will save 5 million truck kilometers from the UAE’s roads, equal to 125 trips around the earth. This highlights the importance of this project as it saves time, the environment and costs.

Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre emphasizes that the Thiess Recycling Plant is the first of its kind in the Middle East and uses modern and eco-friendly techniques in accordance with the relevant international standards for producing recycled aggregates from demolition and construction wastes. The Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre also laid down policies on the use of these materials in various projects of construction, roads and fill materials recognizing that the recycled materials offer lower costs than the natural materials and minimize the dumping of waste and the depletion of natural resources.

“The use of recycled aggregates brings important technical, environmental and economic benefits to our customers and to Abu Dhabi,” said Tim Harwood, TSME’s General Manager.

“This is the first order for the Etihad Rail project but we are receiving very positive feedback about our recycled product from many contractors in the region and we expect further significant orders in the near term.” The first sections of the railway are being constructed between Shah and Ruwais and it is here that Al Jaber Group saw the opportunity to utilize a sustainable and cost effective material in their construction.

“Al Jaber Group understood our project to recycle construction and demolition waste from the very start and have been a consistent and valued customer” said Mr Harwood.

We have worked together on a number of projects and Al Jaber Group has the vision to see the potential of high quality recycled materials and the contribution they can make to the environment and economy of Abu Dhabi,” he said.

Mr. Najib Arnous, Contracting Director of Al Jaber Transport ‘&’ General Contracting LLC, said “Our requirements for recycled aggregates are as stringent as those for any other sources of material, we are looking for very high quality, technical performance and environmental benefits. Our use of Thiess’ recycled aggregates over the last two years has demonstrated the benefits to us and we are pleased to be leading the way in this important area of Abu Dhabi’s sustainable development.” Developed under a Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) contract between TSME and the Abu Dhabi Centre for Waste Management the Al Dhafra Recycling facility can process up to 600 tons per hour of raw construction and demolition waste into high quality recycled aggregates, steel and wood derived fuel. The plant recycles more than 98% of materials entering the site by weight.

Late last year it was announced that the recycling facility would temporarily cease production due to the imbalance between stock levels and sales orders at that time. It is hoped that this order and the interest being shown regarding the use of recycled aggregates in other major infrastructure projects such as new highways and ports will see the plant start production again in the near future.

“The past year has been difficult as the construction market has contracted somewhat however the Government and stakeholders of Abu Dhabi have been very supportive and remain committed to the facility and the essential services it provides,” Mr. Harwood said.