Deutsche Babcock Al Jaber sponsors social awareness programme


17 January – Doha, Qatar — Deutsche Babcock Al Jaber sponsored a Programme for parents of children with learning disabilities in Doha, Qatar. The programme was conducted by Dr B S Virudhagirinathan from Chennai, India.


The doctor, who has more than three decades of experience in managing children with scholastic limitations and learning disabilities, visited Doha to conduct a social awareness programme for parents, teachers and students. He is the founder of Help Child Charitable Trust in Chennai, a centre for learning disabilities that assists children with these conditions and also trains teachers to deal with them.

The focus of the programme, according to the company’s general manager C Thirumeni, is to create awareness about the conditions among parents whose children are studying in various expatriate schools.

Some 300 parents attended the programme and 200 teachers and over 250 students attended in two separate batches the 2nd day.

Dyslexia refers to only a part of the learning problem, now it is changing into Specific Learning Difficulty (SLD) as dyslexic children look very normal and are very good in many activities except academic. They have specific difficulty, which can be in learning, reading, writing or mathematical difficulty.