Al Jaber Shipping Agency and Marine Works acquires technically superior landing craft to meet latest oil field challenges



Abu Dhabi, March 2, 2014 — Advances across oil fields in Abu Dhabi have encouraged Al Jaber Group to look closely at expanding its fleet of large and heavy duty landing crafts, particularly in the last decade. Sophisticated landing crafts are needed to move materials around more quickly, a priority in the industry. Unlike other companies, Al Jaber Shipping Agency and Marine Works is first in line to procure the most technically advanced machinery and recently acquired the Al Jaber 72, a landing craft cum container carrier which has strong capabilities in these challenging times.

The state-of-the-art vessel is a low draught, oil field compliant multipurpose landing craft which will be employed for oil field construction support, rig moves and has additional capability for container transportation. Fitted with two Mitsubishi engines, the 76m-long, 18m-beam vessel can reach speeds of up to 12 knots in fair weather conditions. The technologically advanced heavy duty landing craft meets all modern construction standards and complies with international trade requirements. The Al Jaber 72 provides advanced marine logistical solutions to our customers as well as those for Al Jaber’s Upper Zakum Development project.

Al Jaber Group is delighted with its purchase and with its general, long-term decision to expand its landing craft, not only to address the advances in Abu Dhabi’s oil fields but also to keep ahead of competitors, vying for the same contracts.

For now, no other company, in either the UAE or the Middle East, hold such large landing crafts, which characteristics with 75.89m LOA (Length Overall), two main Mitsubishi engines with 2,000bhp (759kw), 18.6m breadth moulded, 5.181m depth moulded, 3.962m maximum draft, and 7 tons sq m Deck Strength.