Al Jaber Group Wins Project in Madinat Zayed


Abu Dhabi, August 27, 2014 – Western Region Municipality has awarded Al Jaber Transport and General Contracting, a member of Al Jaber Group, the rehabilitation of camel race in Madinat Zayed, Western Region of Abu Dhabi.

The project includes:

Construction of a 6 km camel race track with inner asphalt service roads, outer gatch service road and street lighting.

Construction of an 8 km camel race track with inner asphalt service roads and outer gatch service road.

Construction of a road with street lighting to enable access to the camel race area.

Removal of existing railing, earthworks and relocating obstruction.

Future construction includes duets and fixing camel race railing.

The project is set to be completed in 120 days only.