Al Jaber Group wins Lusail Project in Qatar


Abu Dhabi, 09 October 2012. Al Jaber & Partners (AJP), one of Qatar’s leading Infrastructure and Energy contractor was awarded the “CP6B contract” for highways and associated utility networks at Qatar’s flagship Lusail City by Lusail Real Estate Development Company (LREDC) , s.

Lusail City epitomises Qatar’s vision for the future, creating an iconic 21st century city that reflects the country’s cultural and geographical heritage.aljb_10_11_201216_44

The new CP6B project in Lusai is set to be completed within 18 months. The project’s scope of work includes the construction of highways, highway structures, intersections and utility networks.

“Awarded the highest safety certificates by Lusail for completing the last three year project at the new city without accident or incident, Al Jaber & Partners’ safety record remains untarnished in the region,” LREDC said.

Al Jaber & Partners’ Managing Director Mohamed Jawhar commented, “We are delighted to be awarded a second project at Lusail. We are very proud of the exceptional safety record we achieved for the first project we completed. The workers were protected and we delivered within budget and on time.”

Essa Mohammed Ali Kaldari, LREDC CEO said: “I am extremely proud to oversee one of the world’s most visionary single developments. Lusail City represents the hopes and aspirations of the people of Qatar. This is a meticulously planned urban development unlike anything seen before.”

Lusail City aims to attract 80,000 visitors, 200,000 residents and 170,000 workers. With 37 sq km of waterfront land that will be divided into 19 mixed-use districts. It will include man-made islands, an entertainment district, an office park for energy companies, a golf course and five stadiums, is slated for completion by 2019.

With 37sq km of waterfront land that is divided into 19 integrated and diverse mixed-use districts, Lusail will provide comprehensive and diverse community facilities from shopping malls to schools and hospitals, as well as cultural and sports amenities. Lusail has been designed as an ultra-modern, yet traditional, future city that is environmentally sustainable.