Al Jaber Group to launch private company to manage expanding aviation business operations


Abu Dhabi-based Al Jaber Group plans to launch a private company to manage its expanding operations in the aviation sector.


Mr Obeid Al Jaber, Chairman, Al Jaber Group.

Abu Dhabi, Saturday, November 17 – 2007 — This was announced after signing a letter of intention to buy two Airbus A380 and finalising the purchase of nine private aircraft from Embraer.

The new aviation company will serve the high-end market for private jet services assuring top-notch quality – both in terms of the product and service, and will have an advanced fleet of aircraft manned by world-class professionals.

Mr Obeid Al Jaber, Chairman, Al Jaber Group, said: ‘Our diversification into aviation complements the rapidly growing private aviation business in the region. Our intention to buy the Airbus A380 shows our seriousness in strengthening our position in the sector by offering the best in industry for our high-end clients. This also takes into consideration the strategic position that Abu Dhabi and the UAE enjoy as a focal point for international aviation.’

Mr. Mohamed Al Jaber, CEO of Al Jaber Group, added: ‘Al Jaber’s private aviation services will focus on meeting the demanding requirements of the private aviation business and attracting top business executives through an array of personalised services. Luxury will be the motto of our private jets. We are currently working on completing legal and logistic procedures for launching the new company with the backing of aviation experts.’

The Airbus A380 is a double-deck airliner manufactured by the European corporation Airbus, an EADS subsidiary. The A380 made its maiden flight from Toulouse, France.

‘The Airbus A380 will offer a cutting-edge advantage to our operations and the level of services that we will provide to our customers. The intention to buy the aircraft reiterates our efforts to reach the highest level of perfection and individuality,’ added Mr. Mohamed.