Al Jaber Group to build first robotic car park in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi, 23 January, 2011 — Al Jaber Group will be commencing the works on the first robotic car park in Abu Dhabi. The new car park will be located next to the Traders Hotel in Qaryat Al Beri Resort.


This Project is the first of its kind in Abu Dhabi with a capacity to handle 325 cars; it will be located next to the Traders Hotel and will have the same finishing and building specifications and height of the Traders hotel to fit in with the gorgeous architectural environment of the development.

The new robotic car park is based on a very sophisticated mechanical system that works via small robots which are placed on steel pallets. The robots pull, rotate and stack the cars in their parking bays. The whole mechanical process of parking the car and retrieving it does not take more than 50 seconds, which makes parking cars a smooth and quick process for the visitors of Qaryat Al Beri Resort.

This robotic car park is the first of its kind in Abu Dhabi and it is developed through modern and sophisticated technology. Al Jaber Group, given its track record in building and delivering iconic projects in the region, will utilize its expertise to build this structure.

This ambitious project will lead the way in providing car parking spaces in Abu Dhabi and will be a model to be followed in the UAE and the region. Work will commence during the first quarter of this year and is expected to take about 15 months including the testing and commissioning phase.

The robotic car park building will be a steel structure with GRC facades to compliment the architectural design and finishing of the Traders Hotel.