Al Jaber Group receives Certificate of Achievement from SCADIA


Abu Dhabi – Sept. 7, 2008 – Al Jaber Group received an achievement award from The Supervision Committee for expansion of the Abu Dhabi International Airport (SCADIA) for achieving five million man-hours with zero accident while building Runway Two of Abu Dhabi International Airport.


This achievement is a new milestone added to Al Jaber Group record of successes. The coalition of Al Jaber Group and Odbrecht, started work on this project mid of 2005 and are due to complete the project end of October this year.

Al Jaber / Odbrecht coalition is building Runway Two and its taxiways in addition to the full infrastructure package including special lighting, airplanes take off and landing equipment, control tower and fire fighting systems and buildings.

The new 4100-m-long Runway is located 2km from the existing runway. The new runway and taxiways are designed to accommodate the Airbus A380 aircrafts. Two new parallel taxiways and two new cross taxiways connect the new runway with the existing taxiway system. The new runway is a category III all weather runway measuring 4,100 meters in length.

Al Jaber / Odbrecht also managed to execute maintenance works in record times inside the old runway without causing any obstruction or delays for the flight activities at the airport .