Al Jaber Group participates in Maputo Trade Fair


Abu Dhabi, 09 September 2012 – Al Jaber Group has participated in the 48th edition of the Maputo International Trade Fair held in the Mozambique capital with the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the UAE.

The UAE delegation was led by Mohammad Hamdan Al Zoaby, head of the Trade Promotion Department at the Ministry of Foreign Trade. The delegation included Al Jaber Group as one of the leading manufacturer in the UAE.

Al Zoaby said: “Mozambique is considered an important partner to the UAE within the context of our efforts that are aimed at expanding our strategic partnerships network and our global commercial relations, especially in promising areas that are witnessing a steady increase in growth, such as those in Southern African countries.

Henrik Christiansen, Executive Director of Manufacturing and Trading Division of Al Jaber Group commented: “Al Jaber Group’s participation in Maputo fair is part of the new market strategy for the Manufacturing & Trading Division with increased focus on GCC and specific markets in Africa. The participation on the fair was very important and successful; it has provided us with valuable knowledge about Mozambique’s market requirements and the potentials available for the Group.

Moreover, we were also able to explore various business and investment opportunities through a series of productive meetings that we conducted which will benefit the Al Jaber Group and the UAE. The fair gave us a chance to explore various avenues of cooperation with Mozambique’s most successful companies in various dynamic industries and sectors”.

AL Jaber Group promoted its quality products and state-of-the art manufacturing capabilities serving the engineering, construction and O&G sectors in the UAE and the wider GCC region.

The Maputo International Trade Fair was organized by the Mozambique Institute for Export Promotion, a non-profit government institution, overseeing the execution of the country’s export promotion strategy. The annual trade and marketing fair is considered to be one of the largest trade fairs in southern Africa, attracting 1540 exhibitors and over 61,000 visitors in its previous edition.