Al Jaber Group joins hands with FNSS of Turkey


Abu Dhabi, 21st February, 2011 — Al Jaber Group of the UAE and FNSS of Turkey joined forces to capture the potential requirements of the UAE Armed Forces. Al Jaber Group and FNSS have signed an industrial partnership agreement today as the first milestone of this alliance covering the full scale production of a wheeled armored vehicle family (WAV) in the United Arab Emirates as well as its complete logistical support.


In addition to the dignitaries who witnessed the event held at IDEX 2011, present during the signing were H.E. Obaid Khaleefa Jaber Al Murri, Chairman of Al Jaber Group and Mr. Kadir Nail Kurt, CEO and General Manager of FNSS Savunma Sistemleri.

H.E. Obaid Khaleefa Jaber Al Murri said, “This industrial partnership is of strategic importance to Al Jaber Group, it builds on our diversification philosophy and supports our advanced position as a main supplier of the UAE Armed Forces. We are very pleased to tie up with FNSS, and we are confident that this partnership will result in tremendous success and will lead to further cooperation between our two organizations”.

“Our industrial partnership with FNSS will enable us build the most advanced Wheeled Armored Vehicles in the region, with FNSS know how and our manufacturing capabilities we are certain that we will provide an outstanding product that caters to the requirements of the UAE Armed Forces and creates future opportunities for both Al Jaber Group and FNSS”, Al Jaber Added.

“This marks an important milestone in FNSS’ efforts to become a preferred local supplier in the United Arab Emirates. The combined capabilities of FNSS and the Al Jaber Group make this industrial partnership a very well qualified force to undertake any large defense program both in the UAE and in the region. This advantage coupled with an excellent product in our 8×8 Wheeled Armored Vehicle, puts our partnership in a unique position to serve the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates and to be contributing to the industry of the country.” said Kadir Nail Kurt, CEO and GM of FNSS Savunma Sistemleri.

The products offered by the partnership will be based on FNSS’ PARS wheeled armored vehicle technology developed with advanced mobility, high protection, increased payload, and growth potential concepts in mind.

Al Jaber Group, based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is one of the largest diversified groups of companies in the Middle East. Al Jaber Group provides its professional services in its flagship sectors of civilian and industrial construction, infrastructure development, logistics, and defense industry.

FNSS Savunma Sistemleri, based in Ankara, Turkey, is a leading developer and manufacturer of land combat platforms and weapon systems. FNSS with 20+ years of experience in defense industry, its combat proven products have been successfully serving in various armies of the world.