Al Jaber Group and Diehl Defence sign a Joint Venture during IDEX 2011


Abu Dhabi, 23 February, 2011 — Al Jaber Group and Diehl Defence signed a joint venture during IDEX 2011. The agreement is dedicated for the joint modernisation and upgrade of the United Arab Emirates military land vehicles.

al-jaber-diehl_2_23_201113_17The Joint venture was signed by H.E. Obaid Khaleefa Jaber Al Murri, Chairman of Al Jaber Group and Claus Günther, President of Diehl Defence, in the presence of senior management of both organizations and military officials from the UAE.

H.E. Obaid Khaleefa Jaber Al Murri commented saying, “We are pleased to sign this joint venture with Diehl Defence, and we truly believe that joining our forces will result in tremendous success for both organizations and for the UAE Armed Forces. The advanced know how of Diehl Defence and Al Jaber Group’s industrial and manufacturing capabilities will set up a strong platform to execute a wide range of maintenance and upgrading activities for our client”.

Claus Günther, President of Diehl Defence, remarked: ”The establishment of a joint venture between Diehl Defence and Al Jaber paves the way for a strong partnership. We consider it an honour to support UAE continuous economic development and modernization of national Armed Forces. We welcome the opportunity to combine our complementary capabilities in maintenance and upgrade of UAE military land vehicles.”

Within the framework of the cooperation, Diehl will supply components such as propulsion, suspension and tracks and assume system responsibility; Al Jaber Group will provide the facilities and comprise provision of the infrastructure in the UAE as well as conducting work on the vehicles. The joint venture offers know-how transfer as well as comprehensive inclusion of the local industry in the UAE.

Diehl Defence already has relationships with UAE Armed Forces and modernised the self-propelled howitzer M109 in the past and conducts repair work until today. Furthermore, Diehl Defence has been supplying tracks and road wheels to the UAE Armed Forces for the MBT Leclerc as well as tracks for the SP howitzer M109 and the APC M113.

Diehl Defence and Al Jaber Group consider the Joint Venture a milestone in the strategic cooperation to modernise military vehicles for the UAE Armed Forces. Both companies are confident that this agreement will be a big success and will serve the best interests of the UAE Armed Forces.

Al Jaber Group is a privately owned diversified group of companies. Al Jaber Group was established in 1970 and today is a market leader. The Group is the largest private sector employer in the UAE with over 50,000 employees and boasts the largest fleet of vessels, cranes, equipment and machinery in the UAE with over 10,000 units.

The Group’s business activities broadly comprise of general contracting, industrial (Manufacturing), heavy lifting and logistic services, real estate and general trading. Al Jaber Group has engineered and constructed over 5,000 km of Roads, more than 3,200 villas and landmark commercial buildings; it is one of the largest construction contractors in the region.

Al Jaber Group is also an industry leader in oil & gas pipelines construction work, oil rigs refurbishment, industrial fabrication, heavy lifting and heavy transportation. The Group possesses over 320 cranes in its fleet as well as the country’s largest construction equipment/vehicle fleet (more than 10,000 units) managed under one umbrella.

Moreover, Al Jaber Group has more than 30 years of history of land and sea transportation/logistics in the UAE, its fleet of ships has a worldwide marine transportation capabilities.

Diehl Defence is a corporate division of the German Diehl Group with total sales close to 3 bio. Euros, concentrating all business activities in the fields of defence and security as a holding company. Diehl Defence achieves annual sales of € 740 million with 3190 employees and manages numerous subsidiaries, program and affiliated companies. The new business unit Diehl Defence Land Systems concentrates the business activities of the Defence subsidiaries Industriewerke Saar and Diehl Remscheid.