Deal Announcements demonstrates huge potential for executive aviation industry

Dubai – 18 November 2008 – Al Jaber Aviation (AJA), the newest entrant into the burgeoning VIP charter segment, has signalled its intent to be a leading player at the Middle East Business Aviation Exhibition (MEBA).

With a US$1.2 billion unveiling of its own operations and firm orders for two Airbus Corporate Jetliners (ACJs) and two A318 Elites as well as eight Embraer legacy jets, the brand new aviation division of the Abu Dhabi Al Jaber Group has signalled its intent to be a major player in the sector. AJA will begin offering services from February 2009.

In addition, AJA also signed a joint venture agreement with AVISA Aviation Systems Ltd. Called Avisa Gulf, the operation, which will be based in Abu Dhabi, will give airlines, fleet and individual operators and maintenance repair organisations the opportunity to source expert services and training locally.

Commenting on AJA’s successful participation, Mr. Mohammed Al Jaber, CEO of AJA said: “We have been overwhelmed by the response from the sector and we have been successful in creating intrigue and interest in our operation. The positive reaction is testament to the hard work and commitment from our partners and employees and demonstrates that we are in a very strong position in advance of our launch in the new year.”

In launching its operations, AJA cited the huge potential represented by the regional VIP charter market. Estimates place the sector will be growing at 25% per annum. The UAE will be the epicentre of the market.

AJA will provide bespoke travel solutions for individuals, families, companies and governments looking for privacy, flexibility and ultimate peace of mind when it comes to their personal travel, both on the ground and in the air.

Outlining how AJA contributes to the overall business strategy of Al Jaber Group, Dr. Mark Pierotti, Chief Operating Officer of AJA said: “Al Jaber Group has delivered more than 30 years success in construction, logistics, manufacturing and shipping. The Group will combine its experience and track record for being entrepreneurial and make great strides in the VIP charter market and in so doing, support plans that will see the UAE become the global hub for VIP aviation.”

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About AJA – Al Jaber Aviation

The world’s newest executive jet operator, AJA – Al Jaber Aviation, is a company of Abu Dhabi-based Al Jaber Group. Operating from Abu Dhabi Executive Airport and Dubai International Airports, AJA will begin flying in February 2009.

AJA will offer its guests bespoke luxury travel to any destination of their choice. AJA will have a fleet of 21 advanced, large-cabin aircraft on order from Airbus and Embraer. AJA aims to be a global leader in the rapidly growing VIP charter market. For more information, please visit

About Al Jaber Group

Al Jaber Group is a privately owned diversified group of companies that was established in 1970 and today is a market leader in Middle East business. The Group is the largest private sector employer in the UAE with 55,000 employees and boasts the largest fleet of vessels, cranes, equipment and machinery in the country. Al Jaber Group has constructed over 5,000 km of roads, more than 3,500 villas and commercial buildings and is one of the largest construction contractors in the region.

Al Jaber Group is also an industry leader in oil & gas pipelines construction work, oil rigs refurbishment, industrial fabrication, heavy lifting and heavy transportation. The Group owns 320 cranes as well as the country’s largest construction equipment fleet with more than 10,000 units.

Al Jaber Group has more than 30 years of history of land and sea transportation/logistics in the UAE, its fleet includes 36 ships with worldwide marine transportation capability. This expertise is combined with outstanding service experience through ownership and management of Shangri La hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For more information, please visit